A MAN faces a hefty fine after police caught him walking a toy dog in a bid to get round the coronavirus lockdown.

In his desperation to escape the restrictions, he hit on the ‘bright idea’ of using the dog walking clause.

Dog Walker
NOT FOOLED: Police spotted the man walking a toy dog.

This allows people to take their pets out for short walks. Unfortunately, lacking a real canine friend, he decided to ‘walk’ a stuffed pooch, perhaps hoping police would not notice the difference.

He was to be sorely disappointed. Policia Nacional officers in Calle Marques de Santillana, Palencia, spotted him and his cuddly companion and pulled him over.

An astonished onlooker videoed the incident and can be heard snorting with laughter.

The police, on the other hand, did not see the funny side.

They said the man ‘faces a fine’, and in a statement added: “We are in a VERY SERIOUS situation and you are walking the streets trying to fool the ‘police’. “You don’t fool us and you’ll be punished. It is a question of public health.”

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