SPAIN has organised the urgent repatriation of the contestants and crew members of the hit reality tv show Supervivientes, due to coronavirus.

The show which is based on the very successful US version, Survivor, is currently filming on an island off the coast of Honduras.

The Spanish Foreign Office however has decided that the contestants and the crew members from the series need to return to Spain immediately because of Covid-19.

This is part of a wider project by the Foreign Office which is organising the return of 279 Spaniards who are currently in the Central American country.

A spokesperson for the Foreign Office said: “The solution found for the return of the Spanish in Honduras will be the same for everyone.”

In addition, the Foreign Office has sent 35,000 texts to Spaniards in countries that are considering suspending their air connections with Spain.

These countries include Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Thailand and the United States.

“The Spaniards who are there may soon find themselves in a situation of helplessness,” continued the spokesperson.

So far there are already 99 states that have either closed their borders entirely or put in place severe travel restrictions to the Iberian country.

This comes after the contestants of Supervivientes had to be evacuated from the island they were living on because of adverse weather conditions last month.

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