A TRADE union has called for rapid coronavirus screenings on more than 12,500 serving police officers across Andalucia. 

The Independent Trade Union and Officials Centre (CSIF) in Andalucia has requested the screenings for the Policia Local officers across the province, “so that they can provide their services safely for both themselves and the public.” 

The CSIF considers these tests ‘essential’ to all those serving in the Andalucian municipalities as there are already agents in quarantine due to a direct family member testing positive and without certainty of the infection, any suspicions could lead to unnecessary massive confinements. 

Therefore, potentially leaving areas of Andalucia without coverage from officers. 

The trade union has also highlighted that officers work in shifts and if an agent tests positive then the whole shift must be quarantined which could lead to entire police headquarters having to be closed. 

The union said: “We consider the safety of this group of professionals and the citizens they attend essential, in order to continue to fight the pandemic. There is a need to take extreme precautionary measures among local police officers, especially when an uptick in cases is expected this week.” 

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