WHILE the majority of the general public obey the government’s strict orders to remain at home, criminals are taking advantage of the police’s somewhat diverted attention.

Over the weekend, the Guardia Civil intercepted a drug deal in the Port of Alcudia. 

Spotting a car travelling with three individuals inside, an action strictly prohibited under the royal state of alarm decree, the vehicle was ordered to stop.

Upon a search of the car, officers discovered a significant quantity of marijuana stowed away in the boot.

Despite claiming the narcotics were for personal use, the brazen group were arrested and charged with drug trafficking and civil disobedience.

drugs mallorca
SIEZED: The marijuana was found stowed in the boot of a car.

Troublemakers have also been out in force in the capital, doing their best to undertake criminal activities whilst evading the police.

The Camp Redo Football Club has been targeted on three separate occasions during the lockdown, with thieves taking everything from electronic items, sports equipment to cash.

Explaining why the club have not asked for extra surveillance on the grounds, President Juan Antonio Nieto said ‘the police force have much bigger things to deal with right now.’

Two teenagers were also detained by the Policia Nacional in the Son Cotoner district after being caught red handed breaking into parked cars.

SURVIELLANCE: Soldiers and the Policia Nacional patrolling the streets.

Meanwhile, confinement may have pushed one man over the edge in Palma’s El Terreno district.

After a heated argument, the 47-year-old Ecuadorian national launched a knife attack on his flatmate, with the victim suffering stab wounds to his arm.

Investigators say the man claimed isolation had worsened an already strained relationship.

Police officers have not been off limits either, despite working around the clock to instil order to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Yesterday, two women were arrested for insulting and slapping a Policia Local officer after they were sanctioned for walking in public together.

Just hours later, a Policia Nacional officer was assaulted by a woman who had no justifiable reason to be out on the streets.

As the officer accompanied the woman home in order to check her identification, she proceeded to punch him in the face.

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