OVERNIGHT rains have blocked off many roads in the Mar Menor area, still recovering from a series of storms going back to September’s gota fria.

Local residents have been warned to stay indoors, but also go upstairs to avoid potential floodwaters.

La Rambla 2
BAHIA BELLA RAMBLA: Dangerously full at 8am

This morning, Emergencias Los Alcázares announced that the following roads have closed.

– RM-F26 (in Los Alcázares)
– RM-F22 (between Torre Pacheco and La Estación de Balsicas)
– RM-F29 (between Torre Pacheco and San Javier)
– RM-F28 (between Pozo Aledo and La Puebla)
– RM-F35 (between San Javier and Cartagena)
– RM-F19 (in Sucina)
– RM-F34 (Santiago de la Ribera)

As dawn broke, pictures were published online of the ramblas in the area, drainage canals designed to relieve the area of excessive rains, that were almost full to capacity, after a night of intensive rain.

An emergency announcement came with the pictures.

‘The level of Rambla del Albujón Attention Bahia Bella has risen, stay in your homes at the top of them. RAMBLA OF THE ALBUJON is getting a lot of water and rising.’

The rambla in question enters the Mar Menor just south of Bahia Bella, on the edge of Los Alcazares.

If you love in the area and are effected by the rains, please tell us via newsdesk@theolivepress.es

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