THE food supply across Spain has once again been guaranteed during the state of alarm and the idea of rationing has been ruled out. 

At a press conference, the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas said: “There is no reason to talk about rationing because the supply of products is practically normal. We have a good produce sector, a good industry and distribution are guaranteeing a complete supply of food and sufficient replenishment.” 

The Minister went on to say that the government isn’t considering the closure of supermarkets to stop the spread of coronavirus as the shops have adopted measures to ensure good hygiene for shoppers. 

Planas also highlighted that stockpiling before the state of alarm did diminish the shops but that the situation has returned to normal and the ‘forecast is that it will decrease in the coming days after stockpiling in those weeks.’ 

Although there has been a high demand for certain products, the Minister has also ensured that there have been no price rises. 

The state of alarm is expected to last until April 12.

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