INMATES from six prisons throughout Spain have started manufacturing masks.

These prisons according to El Pais include Cordoba, Huelva, Alcala-Meco in Madrid, Topas in Salamanca and two prisons in Sevilla – Alcala de Guadaira and Sevilla I.

If everything goes well, more prisons are expected to join this scheme.

It still remains to be determined whether or not the masks will be allowed to be used in the field.

On Thursday the penitentiary institutions suspended the existing production workshops that were underway, due to the lockdown measures the government had put in place.

Many of them worked with employees from companies who would come in and teach the inmates how to make certain products.

Several of them were already dedicated to the manufacture of garments, including those worn by prison officers.

This is why the prison workers union (Acaip-UGT) sent a letter to the government asking to reactivate these workshops, to provide hospital personnel with ‘replacement clothing and masks.’

This comes as the first prison inmate to die in Spain because of coronavirus, was announced earlier today.

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