AN Andalucian spirit-makers has told the Government it will start producing hand sanitisers and give them to those in need.

The Rute-based Machaquito Distillery is offering its entire premises and infrastructure in an effort to fight the spread of Covid-19.

The award-winning distillery in Subbetica announced it will put its workforce, high tech equipment and logistic personnel at the disposal of the Government.

One of the main aims of the handover is to keep the 100-plus staff in employment throughout the crisis as well as using machinery to produce high quality hand sanitisers free of charge and distribute them to the most vulnerable.

The move will guarantee that 100% of its workforce will retain their jobs and be on hand to implement the Reconstruction Plan announced by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez last week.

“No business or personal achievement is worth it without basic principles and values,” read a statement from the brewing company.

“Fostering a fairer, more supportive society is an inalienable part of the vision and mission of this company.”

Machaquito aims to create hydroalcoholic gels with high quality glycerin, at zero cost.

Using the company’s logistics plant it will then distribute the gels nationally to anyone who needs them.

The company also has made itself available for any further initiatives created during the pandemic.

A spokesperson added: “Preserving everyone’s health is the priority. Guaranteeing the future is the challenge. Social solidarity is our inalienable principle.”

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