A PENSIONER has been fined for being out ‘catching Pokemon’ during Spain’s coronavirus lockdown. 

As the country enters its second week in a state of alarm, one 77-year-old in Madrid was caught outside of his home last Sunday (22 March) while playing the popular game Pokemon Go. 


The smartphone app combines gaming with the real world and sees players tracking down and training Pokemon characters in real locations. 

According to a report, shared by the Policia Municipal de Madrid, the man was stopped in the Latina district of Madrid at 1:30 and told police ‘he was hunting Pokemons’. 

The man has been charged under the Law of Public Safety, which carries a fine from €601-30,000.

Spain has given police powers to fine members of the public who are out without one of eight justified reasons, and as of Friday last week has ramped up efforts due to public disobedience.

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