THE number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Gibraltar has risen to 26 from yesterday’s 15, with 21 now being active.

*Update: 26 confirmed cases, 13 recovered, 13 active.

The news came as Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab sent a message of support from the UK to Gibraltar.

“We are with you,” Raab told the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo today, with the UK pledging to send troops to the territory if needed.

A total of 240 tests have been carried out and five people have recovered from the Coronavirus which has claimed over 3400 lives in Spain.

Additionally, five out of the 21 active cases were revealed to be medical staff by the Director of Public Health yesterday.

The large increase of cases comes after it was revealed there had been a backlog of results which were received in one go.

The government announced that one patient has been hospitalised and all other active cases are at home, with rumours suggesting that some of them were healthcare workers.

Some 58 test results have still not been received after being sent to a lab in Spain.

One separate patient with Covid-19 symptoms is in an Intensive Care Unit at St Bernard’s Hospital until their tests come in.

Gibraltar now has 24 beds readily available with respiratory ventilators for when patients start to arrive at the hospital with more serious pneumonia.

Rawal reiterated that at least 80% of people in Gibraltar are expected to be infected at some point.

Balban said that the Government was ‘extremely happy’ that the elderly and more vulnerable are adhering to the lock down rules which took place as from yesterday.

The minister reminded people that the Covid-19 testing drive-thru is available through invitation only and advised against cars showing up at the old Rooke site.

He revealed that nearly half a million pounds has been donated by associations, businesses, charities and individuals to help fund the fight against the Coronavirus.

HARDWORKING: Authorities have been kept busy keeping the pandemic under control

“We give our thanks to the community because the response has been incredible,” said Balban.

Testing facts

Minister for Financial Services and Gaming, Albert Isola announced that a self-testing website will be up and running as from today.

The website will give health instructions and recommendations to people who think they might have been infected by the virus.

It will also prevent people who might be infected from going to St Bernard’s Hospital or their General Practitioner to spread the virus further.

Isola warned of a ‘very hard global recession’ in the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We will need to revisit our manifesto to determine which of our commitments are no longer priorities,” added Isola.

Acting Medical Director, Krishna Rawal spoke to dispel rumours that have come up on social media about the Coronavirus.

He stated that no evidence has been found that the Covid-19 virus is a risk to pregnant women.

Rawal said that cases in the media of ‘healthy’ younger patients passing away probably had unknown medical conditions like motor neurone disorder.

He also affirmed there was no evidence to confirm that any particular blood group carries an increased risk of getting the virus.

The Acting Medical Director urged people to ‘please only follow official advice’ when it came to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I understand everyone is worried about this but please be very careful with what you read on social media,” added Rawal.

Finally, students from St Joseph’s Lower Primary School left behind a message of hope before they left their building last week.

Rainbow Of Hope
HOPE 2020: Children painted this message to encourage Gibraltarians

“We want to encourage the community to come up with their own individual messages of hope and place them where they can be seen,” said the headteacher of the school.

“We look forward to a time in the not too distant future when all our schools will once again ring with the sound of children.”

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