LOCKDOWN has arrived in the UK as well.

A watered down version of the one many European countries such as Spain are experiencing, but at least something is being done.

I do appreciate that we’re luckier here because the restrictions are less strict.

I took my dog out on a walk that lasted about an hour today, a luxury I know people in Spain don’t have.

90756653_820730735076153_5781291860366458880_n 1
UNBELIEVABLE: Oxford Circus, London’s most famous street empty

It was lovely taking in the sun today, when the weather peaked at 14?, classic spring weather in London.

Funny how up until the coronavirus crisis hit red, the weather was very dull and grey according to my family, but now that I’m here and we’re meant to be staying at home the weather is very pleasant.

When Boris made his speech on Monday night that restrictions would be in place for people moving around, I was glad, but also concerned.

Concerned that people needed the Prime Minister to ‘order’ them to stay at home and didn’t just take heed of the situation across the continent.

90560833_2914901038631521_5692591401200517120_n 2
QUIET: Regents Street on a Tuesday afternoon quieter than it’s ever been

Thankfully though it seems people are listening.

My father works for the NHS and has to commute into central London every day – thankfully he drives and isn’t exposed to the ‘sardine can’ we call the Underground.

What he described to me sounds unbelievable. 

Oxford Circus, Regent Street, Marylebone High Street and Harley Street, all completely deserted.

90678028_2458650914387130_266709111075241984_n 1
ALONE: The street cleaner is the only person visible on Marylebone High Street

I think for everyone, not just Londoners, that’s a weird sight, comparable only to an empty Time’s Square in New York City.

As long as it works though, then it’s worth it, stay at home and be safe! 

P.S. My dog is 13 years old and he’s so happy everyone is at home, giving him all this attention, he acts like an excited puppy.

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