POLICIA Local have fined a man in the province of Granada for saying he went to the supermarket but could only produce a hard loaf of bread as evidence. 

The man was stopped by police officers in the town of Motril and was asked to prove why he was out.

He claimed he had just gone to the supermarket, but when asked to prove it, the bread he revealed was ‘as hard as rocks’ according to the officers.

30 fines were imposed yesterday in the town alone.

That’s less than half the number from Monday, when it was 66.

Since March 16, the Motril Policia Local has issued 278 fines.

Mara Escamez, a member of the local council makes it clear that the police go to where they ‘least expect people’ to be.

Neighbours’ help is also very important, as they inform on people who are not following the lockdown.

She insists that it’s essential for people to respect the lockdown for the greater good.


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