A BISHOP in the Basque Country has been fined for driving with someone in the passenger seat.

Jose Ignacio Munilla, the Bishop of San Sebastian was fined by the Guardia Municipal today for having a passenger riding shotgun, an act which is in violation of the current state of emergency laws introduced by the Government.

The San Sebastian City Council has confirmed that the Bishop is faced with a fine of €600.

The stop occurred during a routine check by the police, when they spotted that the passenger was not sitting in the back of the car, as expected.

Munilla posted on his Twitter account stating that he was helping the man go to the dentist.

“I thank the dentist and I apologise for the seating error.”

The Ertzaintza and Policia Local have made 458 denuncias in the Basque Country and arrested six others since the lockdown began.

In this same period they’ve identified 1,858 citizens who have broken the restrictions imposed by the royal decree.

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