MADRID police agents have declined fining a couple caught having sex in a car because they ‘couldn’t find intimacy’ at home.

Policia Local located the couple in a parked car ‘in full view’ on a street in Villaverde.

Authorities across Spain have been given emergency powers to fine anyone disobeying Spain’s strict lockdown rules – which include a ban on passengers in cars and social distancing of 1m in the street.

Anyone caught flouting the rules must be able to prove the legitimacy of their journey.

The couple argued that in their house were ‘so many people’ they could not have intimate relations.

After asking them to dress, agents declined to issue a fine, but did ask the couple to return home immediately.

It comes after last week, Spain’s Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, beefed up police orders to fine anyone flouting the state of alarm rules.

This week has seen a total of 81,000 people fined since emergency measures were announced on March 14 – including a 77-year-old for playing Pokemon Go and a Policia Local fined by his own colleagues for going on a jog.

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