SPAIN has seen 655 new coronavirus deaths between Wednesday and Thursday. 

New figures released today reveal the new daily record brings the total death toll to 4,089.

The total number of cases has now reached 56,188.

The figures have thrown cold water on the government’s hopes that the country’s pandemic would reach a peak on Wednesday.

Spain is the fourth country in the world in terms of number of cases but the second in terms of deaths, beaten only by Italy.

Madrid continues to be the worst-affected region with 17,166 cases and 2,090 deaths, followed by Catalunya with 11,592 cases and 672 deaths.

The Basque country remains the third hardest hit with 3,946 cases and 180 deaths while Castilla y Leon and Andalucia round out the worst five with 3,488 and 3,406 cases respectively.

A total of 7,015 people have been cured of coronavirus in Spain.


17.166 in Madrid (2.090 dead)
11.592 in Catalunya (672 dead)
3.946 in Pais Vasco (180 dead)
3.406 in Andalucia (134 dead)
3.488 in Castilla y Leon (206 dead)
3.383 in Castilla-La Mancha (316 dead)
3.200 in la Comunidad Valenciana (167 dead)
1.915 in Galicia (32 dead)
1.411 in Navarra (49 dead)
1.116 in Aragón (48 dead)
995 in La Rioja (43 dead)
969 in Extremadura (58 dead)
841 in Asturias (27 dead)
784 in Canarias (24 dead)
671 in Cantabria (17 dead)
660 in Baleares (17 dead)
596 in Murcia (8 dead)
39 in Melilla (1 dead)
10 in Ceuta

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