PEOPLE are being warned not to wash their dogs’ feet with bleach after a picture of an animal with red-raw paws went viral. 

The pet is suffering from badly burned feet after its owner apparently cleaned its feet with the caustic substance following a walk. Incorrect advice given on a Spanish television show is said to be behind the practice. 

Animal loving group somospetfriendly said: “It’s one thing to sanitise our dogs’ paws and quite another to burn them by using bleach. This image that is circulating on the net says it all.” 

BURNED: Owner washed dog’s paws with bleach as an anti-coronavirus measure.

The group says that washing dogs thoroughly with plenty of soap and water is enough to eliminate the virus. 

Vet Valentina Calanni Pileri said an added danger of using bleach is that it is toxic. An animal will inevitably lick it as it tries to soothe the pain in its feet, running the risk of internal damage. 

Dog trainer Octavio Villazala says that after a walk it is also possible to carefully clean the animal’s legs and tail with oxygenated water or a little alcohol diluted with water, but never bleach. 


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