A GROUP of residents have ignored government orders to remain indoors in order to stop a man from breaking into a car in Mallorca.

After hearing a commotion on Calle Villalonga in Manacor in the early hours of the morning, residents came out on their balconies to see where the noise was coming from.

Spotting a man breaking into a parked car, several residents rushed outside to restrain the criminal as the police were called.

The suspect was able to free himself from their grip momentarily, running several metres down the road.

However, his bid for freedom lasted only a few seconds as one of the residents chased him down and cut off his path, making him fall to the ground.

The group then surrounded the suspect, pinning him down on the footpath.

Policia Nacional officers arrived at the scene a short time later, before they hauled the man back to the station.

Investigators say the detainee, who has an extensive criminal record, has been charged with civil disobedience, criminal damage and theft.

It is understood that the residents will not face a fine despite breaking the self-confinement rules.


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