A BRITISH expat accused of ‘denying’ self-isolation rules and spreading Covid-19 across the world has responded after receiving ‘frightening threats’ against her safety.

Coral Guise-Smith, 65, was the centre of reports maintaining she flew ‘18,447km across three continents’ to her home in Moraira, on Spain’s Costa Blanca, after disembarking on March 19 from coronavirus-infected cruise ship the Ruby Princess.

An article from Daily Mail Australia accessed Coral’s Facebook posts complaining of ‘headaches’, suggesting she may have ‘infected people’ with Covid-19 on her journey home via UK’s Gatwick Airport and Spain’s Alicante Airport.

But Carol is not suffering from symptoms of coronavirus. 

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Carol’s Facebook posts published online in articles

The family have today claimed that ‘New South Wales port authority didn’t stop anyone getting off’ the Ruby Princess. Neither were passengers informed of positive coronavirus cases on board – furthermore, cruise operator Princess Cruises ‘booked everyone flights home’.

“We were supplied flights by Princess Cruise Lines themselves,” a family statement passed to the Olive Press read.

“We were told to leave the ship and isolate until our flight was due and return to our country of residence. 

“No one told us anything different and therefore that is what we did.  

“If this was incorrect then the blame lies solely with Princess Cruises and the New South Wales Port authority, not the 2700 passengers who are victims of their mismanagement of the situation.”

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The Ruby Princess created 10% of Australia’s current coronavirus case load

A spokesperson for the family added they wore ‘masks’ on the planes home and maintained a 2m distance while passing through airports.

They have not had contact with anyone since returning in Spain, purchasing food through home deliveries left outside the gate of their Moraira home.

The spokesperson said Coral’s headaches were due to ‘jetlag’ and that doctors in Spain have refused a coronavirus test as neither Coral nor her husband are presenting a fever or a cough.

“I think people’s reaction that we would or could infect Moraira with Covid19 shows how scared people are and willing to jump to a conclusion that simply is not possible as we have had no contact with anyone,” the statement continued.  

“We wouldn’t ever risk exposing the place we love most in the World. Nor can we, as like everyone else we are self-isolating and in lockdown.

“The threats made against my safety, and the safety of my family, have been shocking and very frightening. There was no need as we have done nothing wrong.”

The spokesman added Coral’s only crime was leaving her ‘Facebook open to the public’.

Screenshot 2020 04 01 At 7 38 41 Pm
More Facebook posts from Carol published online before she deleted her account

It comes as at least 440 passengers across six Australian states have tested positive for Covid-19 after disembarking from the Ruby Princess – this is 10% of Australia’s total cases, according to the Guardian.

The NSW health minister later admitted it was a mistake to allow the 2,700 passengers to disembark without checks from NSW Health on 19 March.

It comes as another couple from the US, still locked down in a hotel in Australia, has claimed Princess Cruises did not inform passengers of the outbreak until 24 hours after disembarkation.

A spokesperson for the company said the first four positive coronavirus cases were not tested on board as it is not international ‘practice’.

“Disembarkation of the ship was in line with the then-existing process for health clearance for vessels on arrival in port,” a statement read.

Princess Cruises have not responded to a request for comment on purchasing Carol’s flights and not notifying passengers of the outbreak until 24hrs after disembarkation. Article to be updated…


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