BORED teenagers are believed to be responsible for wrecking the Moorish Castle lighting system.

Electricity experts were quickly able to restore power to the iconic Gibraltar building so that the blue light of support for health-workers could be once again switched on tonight.

It comes as the government departments pooled resources to help support the community to take on the Coronavirus crisis which has now rolled into its third week.

The incident at the Moorish Castle occurred after GibElec noticed that the door of the room where the fuse-box is located was left open.

The vandals had not only switched off the power but left the compartment exposed to the rain which soaked the whole area and caused further disarray.

“The Gib Elec team has managed to dry the parts using heat blowers and have restored the lighting as it was, to enable the tribute to our frontline Health Authority personnel to go ahead as planned,” said the Gibraltar Government.

“Gib Elec will be informing the police accordingly to enable them to investigate the vandalism.”

The Moorish Castle is one of the oldest buildings in the area, dating back to the first North African conquest of 711.

“This is not the first time that the old prison has been broken into,” the Chief Minister said.

“I honestly don’t understand why people do such things at a time like this.

“At this time in our history we have to work together, not create more work for each other.”

Team Gibraltar

Other government departments have been going out of their way to make sure the elderly especially get their pension payments.

A lot of these citizens were accustomed to collect their monthly payments themselves as they do not have bank accounts or know how to receive their money digitally.

To help them receive their money, the RGP has been working around the clock with the post office and security companies to deliver the cash to the elderly.

Any of them who still have not received their money from the Department of Social Security can download bank forms here.

Gibraltar Sports and Leisure Authority staff have also been put to work in the national incident created by the pandemic.

They have been working at the GHA call centre, delivering goods to the elderly and even helped set up a temporary shelter for the homeless at the Garrison Gym in partnership with Europa FC.

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