IT’S official… the lockdown in Spain has another three weeks to go.  

Pedro Sanchez will announce that he is seeking to extend the state of alarm by 14 days until April 26, PSOE sources told EFE.

The state-wide quarantine was set to end on April 12.

His decision was confirmed by leader of the Partido Popular Pablo Casado.

“I have received a call from Pedro Sanchez to inform me that he will ask congress to extend the State of Alarm,” the conservative leader tweeted.

“I have once again made clear to him the support of the Partido Popular for the containment measures against coronavirus.

“Loyalty and unity require efficiency and transparency.”

Sanchez will spend today holding discussions with scientists and ministers on the possible lifting of restrictions in the coming weeks.

However any initial relaxing of the rules will likely relate to economic activity.

The prime minister is expected to make an announcement later today.

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