A COUPLE in La Rioja have married on their balcony, after their wedding had to be cancelled due to COVID-19.

Jose Lopez and Deborah Gurrea had scheduled their wedding for April 4, since June 2019.

They didn’t know that unfortunately for them a pandemic would alter their plans dramatically and force them to cancel the wedding they had planned.

After they announced the cancellation to their guests, two of their friends who live on the same street as them in Arnedo, took the matter into their own hands.

They decided to mobilise the neighbourhood and organised a surprise wedding.

On Saturday at midday, the time the ceremony was planned for, they found a box outside their home that was filled with a bridal bouquet, a tutu, a hat and a bow tie.

At the same time they heard people calling them out onto their balcony, where they looked out and saw their neighbours filling their balconies with balloons and banners with the pair’s face on them.

The Mayor of the town had also come along and stood on the street, bringing music speakers.

Visibly excited, the couple said ‘I do’ and married in front of all their neighbours.

The ‘newlyweds’ are not officially married under Spanish law however, so they will have to have another ceremony when the pandemic is over.

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