A WOMAN has been arrested TWICE today for violating the coronavirus lockdown by stripping naked in the street before mounting a police car.

The 41-year-old was first cuffed at around 8.10pm in the Adolfo Suarez plaza in Torremolinos.

Police had been alerted by concerned neighbours who reported a woman running naked in the street during the daily clap for healthcare workers.

Covid Streaker
SHOCKING: Spanish woman mounts car naked during daily applause for healthcare workers

The Spaniard was swiftly arrested and taken to see the on duty judge after police managed to persuade her to put her clothes back on.

According to local reports, she was then released before immediately taking her clothes off and going on another streak.

In footage shared online, the  woman can be seen climbing onto a police vehicle completely naked and waving her arms in the air.

Covid Streaker 4
NUDE AWAKENING: Woman quickly taken by police officers after streaking in the street

She is then seen running into three police officers and resisting arrest before being pinned down and handcuffed.

According to Diario Sur, the woman spat at one of the Policia Nacional agents.

She has been taken to hospital in an ambulance to be assessed by mental health specialists.

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