POLICIA Nacional have dispersed a mass at a church in Madrid, which was in breach of lockdown rules.

On Monday evening at around 8pm the police arrived at the San Fernando de Henares church in the Capital where they found a mass taking place.

They were called by a neighbour who complained about the noise coming from the holy building.

In the church was the priest along with six people that were attending the mass.

None of the faithful were wearing gloves or masks however and the police immediately suspended the mass in the name of public health and safety.

The priest, Miguel Ángel Nieto however argues that he maintained the social distancing guidelines as only five people were in the church at any one time.

He told El Mundo: “They told me that if I did not suspend the mass they would sanction us.”

The Bishopric also released a statement saying: “The police cannot enter a church or suspend a mass without a signed judicial order.

“Today (Monday) they have broken the law.”

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