VALENCIA players have agreed to take a 9-18% pay cut due to COVID-19.

Originally the club wanted a reduction of around 20%, but the players disagreed.

Eventually an equilibrium was found, which states that if the league resumes, the footballers will lose 9% of their salaries, but if the league gets cancelled, then that drop will double to 18%.

If the league returns with everything back to normal, including fans, then the reduction will only be 1%.

In addition, the Bats have decided to put all non-playing staff on ERTE, with their hours either reduced or their contracts completely suspended.

The club’s President, Anil Murthy, two weeks ago confirmed to all the non-playing staff that they would not be put on ERTE, but has now gone back on his promise.

About 350 people from the club, including from the academies, will be affected.

This comes after fellow La Liga sides, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao and Granada all confirmed wage cuts for their players.

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