BARCELONA have announced that they will sell the naming rights to the Camp Nou for one season, with all proceeds being donated to help combat coronavirus.

This is the first time in history that the Catalan club will sell the naming rights to their famous stadium, which was built in 1957.

This will be a one off however, with Barca not keeping any of the funds for themselves.

The club’s Vice President, Jordi Cardoner said: “We want to send a universal message: For the first time someone will have the opportunity to put their name on the Nou Camp and the revenues will go to all of humanity, not just Barca.

“The initiative arose in an emergency situation. 

“We think that we have to have a very quick response, putting our crown jewel at the service.

“We are open to everything,” said the 57-year-old who has recovered from the virus.

“We want to maximise the economic participation and to ensure that the partners share our same social values.” 

The stadium, which is Europe’s largest with just under 100,000 seats, will maintain its current name along with the new sponsored one.

Barcelona’s foundation for social charities will decide how the funds raised will be used, with the club keen to spend a lot of the money primarily in Spain and Catalunya, to help the people suffering there.

The La Liga champions and current League leaders originally planned to sell the naming rights in the 2023-24.

They hoped to raise funds to renovate the stadium and other facilities and were estimating a figure of around €300 million for a 25-year contract.

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