THE Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has announced the maximum price tag for the public sale of surgical masks has been set at €0.96.

During a press conference this Tuesday, Illa said the Government had taken this measure ‘in order to avoid abuses.’

The Government recommends the use of reusable or non-reusable masks for those individuals who use public transport for work reasons or similar, where the minimum recommended distance cannot be ensured.

Although the Minister of Health recommends the use of face masks, he added that it wasn’t compulsary.

Illa said that three basic requirements should always be met: keeping a distance of two metres, washing hands frequently and taking care of personal hygiene.

Washing Hands 1
Basic requirements: Washing hands frequently and taking care of personal hygiene.

During the press conference Illa said that since the state of alarm was approved on March 14, Spain had reached the ‘peak of the curve’ and that the ‘very hard times’ have passed and that the curve was now ‘bending.’

“The measures we have taken are giving results, and it was right to decree the state of alarm,” he said.

He emphasised that the current aim is to consolidate ‘the low growth’ observed in recent days in both the number of cases reported and the number of deaths.

“It will take some time. It will not be an easy task, but the measures have benefited all the autonomous communities and all citizens,” he said.

It’s expected that the maximum price for sanitizer gel and nitrile gloves will be announced shortly.

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