THE Mayor of a town in Catalunya has resigned after getting caught breaking lockdown rules, drunk driving and attacking a police officer.

Alex Pastor, the Mayor of Badalona resigned this morning after being arrested in Barcelona last night.

The 40-year-old was pulled over, as he seemed driving under the influence.

A Mossos spokesperson said: “He was very upset, screaming and hitting.”

The now former Mayor refused to take an alcohol test and then started becoming aggressive towards the officers.

According to the fourth deputy mayor, Ruben Guijarro, Pastor sent a letter through his lawyer in which he apologised.

He claims that the workload he’s been faced with has caused him health problems and that it led him to do things that he regrets.

“I have missed out on the more personal and family side of things because of the number of hours I have dedicated to work and the demand that this responsibility requires. 

“These reasons have affected my health and emotional state and have led me to do things for which I regret and for which I apologise.”


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