A MYSTERIOUS millionaire has donated €1 million to the University of Castilla-La Mancha to buy robots that test for COVID-19.

Last Friday it was discovered that someone had deposited the amount into the University’s bank account.

Miguel Ángel Collado, the University’s rector, says that at first they thought it could be a mistake, ‘that someone made a mistake on the number of zeros.’

In its 35 years history the University has never received a contribution of that calibre.

The money will be used to buy nucleic acid extraction robots that will be installed at the Regional Center for Biomedical Research on the Albacete campus.

Representatives of the institution spoke to the donor yesterday, with the only thing that’s been revealed is that she’s a woman.

“She did it out of gratitude to Spain,” said the spokesperson.

It is unknown whether the woman’s name will be used on any of the campus buildings, such as a library.

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