NEW MEASURES to get Spain back to a ‘new normal’ have been met with criticism from two major tourist groups in Costa Blanca.

They see the announcement as lacking in thought, with so many unknowns yet to be resolved in an essential industry that employs thousands and serves millions throughout the year.

Alicante Rest 1

In a press release, the ARA (Alicante Restaurant Association) admitted, “The de-escalation plan generates a lot of concern, due to the lack of measures that complement the sector, with normal activity seriously affected.”

They highlight the confusion between reduction in the capacity of indoor and outdoor areas, describing the untenable future of so many businesses as “catastrophic”.

The ARA also states that official guides have yet to be published for sanitary and hygienic measures.

HOSBEC, representing Benidorm, Costa Blanca and Valencian hotels, have outlined their own protection plan on their website, stating that sector uncertainty goes beyond Phase Three of the de-escalation plans, with air travel being key.

Tapas Alley Benidorm
BENIDORM ‘TAPAS ALLEY’: May see “consequences”

They claim, “Without international air operations, there will be no tourism or normality”.

They also insist, “it is necessary to exempt all businesses from Social Security, regardless of size.”

Indeed, their president, Toni Mayor, admits, “if the Government does not contemplate this protection plan, the consequences will not be long in coming.”

“We’re seeing how we can drown, and don’t need to be thrown a lifebuoy filled with concrete.”

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