A DRIVER will be more careful with his words after leaving his parked car in a bus lane and tempting an angry busdriver to ‘smash it if you have the balls’.

The busdriver, from the EMT transport company, proceeded to ram into the back of the stationary white SUV in a central Valencian street last Wednesday morning.

Claiming the rude citizen also ‘spat’ in his face, the busdriver charged the car a good 30 yards down the road before continuing the argument, videos of the event showed.

Policia Local arrived as the men were continuing to shout in the middle of Calle San Vicente.

Each man gave a different account to police.

The busdriver told the above story, while the driver of the damaged car claimed he was hit by the 72 bus turning into Calle San Vicente, and had stopped the bus to complete an insurance claim form.

Videos show the man carrying no documentation as he stands in the road and shouts into the busdriver’s window, however.

EMT have opened an investigation into the busdriver’s ‘violent behaviour’, according to Las Provincias.

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