FIREFIGHTERS from Velez Malaga have demanded an apology from channel Telecinco after the Spanish TV station wrongly announced that the men had received exclusive training from the Spanish Army.

In a live TV broadcast, the Firefighting Consortium of Malaga were stated to have received specialist training from the UME, the Military Emergency Unit division of the Spanish Army, in order to complete the disinfection of the Regional Hospital of Axarquia.

Clearly angered by the misinformation, the firemen took to social media to explain their current situation.

They denounced the station for devaluing the hard work and the internal training that the fire service carries out 24/7.

“The workers of the Malaga Provincial Consortium are perfectly trained in any situation and have all the relevant equipment needed to carry out disinfection tasks,” a statement read.

“We have not received any training from the UME as we have not needed any.

“We have found it very disappointing that the work of the Army has overshadowed the tireless efforts of the region’s firefighters whilst under extreme budget cuts.

“We were carrying out disinfection work well before the army arrived and will continue to do so once the army leaves.”

Demanding an apology from the network, the fire service union has urged the Diputacion de Malaga to take Telecinco to task for its ‘fake news’.

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