THE police have been trying to identify the people who appear in a video partying on the streets of Madrid during lockdown.

The officers are trying to identify the people that were singing and shouting, ‘I’m not staying home’, in a video that went viral.

The police have filed denuncias against those involved and once they identify them, they will be brought to justice.

The street party took place in the neighbourhood of Malasana and the Mayor took to Twitter to criticise those involved.

Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida said: “We haven’t earned this right yet. It’s taken a lot, it has taken many lives to get here. Let’s be responsible until the end.”

The weekend has been filled with examples of people not sticking to their allotted time slots, with examples of groups of people congregating to consume alcohol on the streets.

A police spokesperson told El Pais: “This has been happening in every neighbourhood in the city.”

The police have issued 3,133 fines in Madrid between Saturday and Sunday for non-compliance with the rules.

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