THE number of passengers on Malaga’s Metro has grown by 29% compared to last week.

Yesterday was the start of the de-escalation phasing process and already there has been a significant increase in the number of passengers using the Metro in Malaga.

According to the Ministry of Infrastructure, 2,351 people used the underground system yesterday, compared to 1,821 a week earlier.

However, when that number is compared to the number of passengers before the state of emergency, the numbers are still minimal.

On March 9, the last Monday before the lockdown began, 24,778 passengers rode on the Metro.

That means that yesterday the number of passengers was only 9.4% of that a week before the state of emergency.

The de-escalation process that has allowed workers such as hairdressers to return to work has meant that the increase on the Metro passengers will be gradual.

This is similar to another case last month, when construction workers were allowed to return to work, bringing the total number of passengers in a day to 1,577, 233 more than the same day a week before when construction workers were at home.

All passengers on the Metro, along with other forms of public transport are reminded that they have to wear a face mask or risk getting fined.

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