A SMALL dog has been rescued by a passerby after accidentally falling into the Guadalquivir River whilst out for a walk.

Its panicked elderly owner first called for help when it became clear her dog was unable to get out of the water.

The animal soon started drowning, exhausted by the effort of trying to keep afloat.

Luckily, a man passing by didn’t think twice about jumping into the river to help rescue the pooch..

Yet after reaching the half-drowned dog and bringing it to shore, he was unable to climb the ladder with the dog, the only available exit.

A police officer who happened to be in the area quickly sprung into action.

After an unsure start back up the rungs, the female police officer, with the dog tightly tucked under one arm, slowly climbed the ladder.

Upon reaching the top, the dog was hoisted to safety by another police officer.

The owner of the dog can be heard crying in relief as she is finally reunited with her beloved pet ‘Carlitos.’

The women then thanked both the young man and the officer for their joint efforts in saving her dog.

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