A TAXI passenger concealing a condom full of drugs in her knickers has been arrested in Andalucia.

The 32-year-old was caught in Jaen with 94 grams of heroin and 44 grams of cocaine about her person.

Police stopped the vehicle and ordered her out of the back seat, before she produced the contraceptive filled with contraband.

Policia Nacional officers described the woman as ‘very nervous and elusive at all times’ in response to their questioning.

The car was pulled over on the A-32 outside the town of Ubeda at a police checkpoint set up amid Spain’s state of alarm.

However, this entrance to Ubeda is also known to police as a major gateway for narcotics dealing between Cordoba and Jaen.

Given this information and the woman’s strange behaviour, agents phoned for the Guardia Civil’s Canine Unit.

A sniffer dog was dispatched to search the vehicle and identified the woman’s seat as a potential drugs spot.

Officers made her lift up her hoodie, showing a ‘lump’ in her groin area, which she then revealed was a condom full of drugs.

The woman was initially arrested for a ‘crime against public health’ but faces the further charge of violating the State of Alarm Royal Decree.

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