9 May, 2020 @ 12:18
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Coronavirus has taught us that if we don’t look after our world, animals and people, we may not have them, writes Terenia Taras

Captain Tom

HOW many of you have surprised yourself throughout the coronavirus crisis?

Who knew they weren’t so bad at DIY, have learnt to create new culinary delights that you may never have had the time to make before.

Or for the really ambitious, taught themselves a new language or skill.

I think we have all adapted to the situation incredibly well.

But what has been really noticeable is how we’ve all rallied round in a modern war-time kind of way.

Even my 18-year-old son has noticed the shift, as he said people have become nicer and kinder.

You only have to watch the TV or look online to see countless heroic acts and selfless deeds being done by people all over the world.

We’re all in absolute awe of Captain Tom Moore, the English veteran who has raised more than £23m for the UK’s NHS by doing laps around his garden.

Who knows if we will ever really get to the bottom of it, and it’s not about pointing fingers, because we are all guilty of allowing animals to be abused everywhere, not just in China, and maybe this is nature’s way of revenge

So many people are using their own time and skills for free, like Andrea Bochelli who live streamed a concert in the empty Duomo cathedral in Milan.

There are countless unnamed people just helping in any way they’re able to, like the Madrid taxi-driver who has been giving patients free rides to and from hospital throughout the coronavirus pandemic, putting his own life at risk.

It’s also the smaller acts of kindness, like going shopping for an elderly neighbour or vulnerable relative that means so much to someone simply because it shows we care. 

There’s one thing for sure, we care about a whole lot more right now than we used to, and it will be very interesting to see how this unbelievable worldwide crisis will have impacted us as people long-term.

I really hope we don’t all forget this and take what has happened as a sign that if we don’t look after our world, our animals and our people, we may not have them!

Maybe we’ll enter an age when we don’t idolise the celebrity as much or place too much importance on what we can acquire in life, but value what is real!

Let’s just hope our governments remember and reward the medical staff and key workers who are the ones on the front line of this war because let’s be clear, COVID-19 is not simply a virus, it’s a weapon of mass destruction –  just look at the numbers!

Whatever your opinion is as to how coronavirus came about, it will undoubtedly lead back to a distinct lack of care, be that in the way animals have been treated in these ‘wet’ markets or perhaps a biological lab accident due to poor biosafety.

Who knows if we will ever really get to the bottom of it, and it’s not about pointing fingers, because we are all guilty of allowing animals to be abused everywhere, not just in China, and maybe this is nature’s way of revenge.

But just as Captain Tom Moore has demonstrated along with all the people doing whatever they can, each and every of us has the ability to make a difference. I just hope if we take nothing else from this time, we will still remember to be kind.

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Terenia Taras

Terenia Taras has been a regular Olive Press columnist since April 2020 after moving to Mallorca in the same year. Having spent over 20 years working as a journalist for the UK national press, including as an investigative journalist for the infamous News of the World newspaper. When she's not venting in the Olive Press, Terenia loves to travel, read and interior design. Got a story? Email [email protected]

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