THE COVID-19 mortality rate in Spain has fallen to 1%. 

It comes after a nationwide testing drive led researchers to estimate that 5% of the population already has antibodies to coronavirus. 

It means that around 2.3 million people have already had the disease and overcome it. 

When put against the number of recorded deaths (around 27,000), it gives a mortality rate of 1% – much lower than the previously thought 11.9%. 

The latest data also shows the daily death rate is dropping, with only 138 recorded on Friday, which, will individually tragic, represents a positive step in the right direction. 

While new cases surged by 549 between Thursday and Friday, director of health emergencies Fernando Simon believes that is due to an increase of testing in at risk groups, including health workers.

Medical staff accounted for 369 of the new cases registered this morning. 

Simon, speaking earlier this afternoon, advised the population to wear masks whenever possible. 

He said that if they cannot stand wearing the masks and find them too uncomfortable, people should opt for plastic screens which attach to the head like a visor. 

Maintaining physical distance and hand washing remain the most important, he added. 

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