JUNTA president Juanma Moreno has asked to be informed ‘as soon as possible’ of the requirements and criteria needed for Andalucia to move from Phase 1 to 2 of the de-escalation plan next week.

During the tenth video conference of regional presidents with prime minister Pedro Sanchez yesterday, Moreno demanded that the move to Phase 2 be ‘coordinated, clearer and transparent.’

According to Moreno, the previous parameters outlining the criteria to move into Phase 1 were ‘unclear’ and, in his opinion, the original decision to leave Malaga and Granada out of Phase 1 was ‘subjective.’

The Partido Popular leader demands that the ‘criteria’ need to be homogeneous for all the territories and made public to assess the transparency of the decisions taken.

Junta president Juanma Moreno: “The decision to leave Malaga and Granada out of Phase 1 was ‘subjective.”

According to Moreno, beyond the importance of the evolution of the outbreak, the hospital capacity or response to new outbreaks in Primary Care, the demands that the central administration imposes on the regions to advance in de-escalation are not clear.

“If there is information and transparency, we will faithfully respect the decisions that are adopted,” he said.

Furthermore, if the Andalucian territory does not meet the objectives, it will be the Junta itself that will not request a move to the next phase, the Andalucian leader admitted.

However, he stressed that the evolution of the epidemic is ‘clearly very favourable’ in Andalucia.

Moreno has also requested that Granada and Malaga move into Phase 2 of the de-escalation plan with rest of autonomous region.

The Andalucian president made this request just hours before the Health Minister, Salvador Illa, said that Malaga and Granada must remain a minimum of two weeks in Phase 1 before moving into Phase 2.

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