VALENCIA had started last week divided into five separate blocks as the region was split between Phase 0 and 1 of the coronavirus de-escalation plan.

Ana Barcel   7

But, from today, the entire region is unified as the provinces which were held back have all been allowed to enter the next stage of lifting restrictions.

Public Health minister, Ana Barcelo, credited the people of Valenciana and – in particular – health professionals for their ‘immense effort’, claiming, ‘together, we have achieved our goal.’

With regard to moving to Phase 2 next week she said: “Let’s continue like this, because this week is decisive and so is our behaviour.”

Barcelo warned the public that during Phase 1 ‘it is very important to consolidate’ the achievements made so far and to not ‘let your guard down.’ 

“We all want to get to the second phase together and we want to do it with the security and the certainty that we are not going to go back,” she added.

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