A SUSPECTED cannabis grower has been arrested after he called police over a break-in by fake Guardia Civil officers.

The 47-year-old, dubbed JAMR, was arrested at his home in Benahadux, north of Almeria after 402 plants were discovered at his property.

But unusually, it was the man himself who had phoned police after seven people posing as cops tried to enter his home ‘by force’.

Following the emergency call, a police patrol was dispatched, leading the group of fake cops to flee the scene, as their real counterparts arrived.

A Guardia Civil press release noted a group of at least seven people ‘on the run’ after trying to ‘commit a robbery’.

Police then noticed a ‘strong smell of marijuana’ from the victim’s home and proceeded to search the property.

As well as the 402 plants, they also found several items of cannabis-growing paraphernalia, including lighting and ventilation units.

JAMR was then swiftly arrested for a ‘crime against public health’.

A police probe remains ongoing as investigators seek to identify the seven fake Guardia Civil officers.

The date of the events and nationality of the detainee have not been revealed.

Proceedings are now being handled by a judge in Almeria.

This is not the first time during Spain’s coronavirus lockdown that people have posed as police in Andalucia in order to steal cannabis.

Last month an ‘armed’ group of posers performed a smash and grab on a garage full of weed in Jerez.

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