SPAIN hasn’t registered any coronavirus related deaths for the second consecutive day.

According to the Ministry of Health, the number of COVID-19 fatalities in the country has remained at 27,127.

At the same time however, the autonomous regions have reported 34 new deaths related to the virus with the date of death being during the past week.

Castilla y León’s Health Minister, Verónica Casado, claimed that she doesn’t understand the central Government’s figures and that the total number of deaths has not changed, even though several regions have confirmed new deaths.

The Director of Health Emergencies, Fernando Simon said that the total death toll will be updated ‘once a week’ and stressed that the current objective of the data is ‘early detection and rapid response’.

“The amount of infections is what interests us, whether or not there is a risk,” he said, before stressing that the total number of deaths is not the priority right now from the epidemiological point of view.

“The number of deceased is important, but we have to understand that this data is less important at the moment.”

The number of new infections however has almost doubled in the last 24 hours, from 71 yesterday, to 137 today.

That takes the total number of new patients nationwide to 239,932.

This midweek rise occurs every week, as the figures from the weekend tend to experience some delay and end up being included later on in the week.

Most of these new cases are from Madrid, with 73, followed by Catalunya on 17.

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