A FAKE copper who scammed bank cards, PIN numbers and bribes from illegal immigrants has been arrested in Spain’s Murcia region.

The 36-year-old reportedly ‘raided’ a property occupied by Bolivian nationals and demanded €200 for each illegal resident.

He also stopped people in the street he thought might have a dodgy immigration status and demanded bank cards as ‘evidence’ if legal documentation wasn’t produced.

The scammer demanded PIN numbers and suggested that the cards would be returned later if their holders later went to a police station, according to Spain’s Policia Nacional.

The conman had been denounced previously to authorities, as in April he pretended to be a drug trafficker in a separate mini-heist.

As a pre-arranged deal went down, he threatened two buyers with a knife and helped himself to €1,200 of their money.

A Policia Nacional statement revealed he has been arrested over 30 times and that, despite his latest arrest, he has been released on bail from a Murcia court.

He must, however, report to a court at regular intervals.

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