AN investigation is underway in Velez-Malaga as firefighters have been called to two suspicious incidents at the Plaza de la Constitución in nine days.

The events began on June 12 when a 20-year-old Romanian fell from a height of 10 metres from a wall of the historical landmark.

The Policia Local of Velez Malaga attended the young man and transferred him to the Regional Hospital of Malaga with multiple lacerations and fractures.

Circumstances surrounding the incident are being investigated as to whether the fall was an accident or deliberate as seemingly there was no other parties involved.

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Image of the man last weekend sat atop the Plaza de la Constitución

As the Policia conducted their investigations, officers and firefighters were called to exactly the same spot just nine days later, this time to find a second man sat precariously on the same ledge threatening to jump.

The man – again of Romanian nationality – was eventually persuaded down by firefighters and officers of the Policia Nacional after a tense stand off.

He was taken into care for psychological evaluation to try to understand his motives for wanting to jump from such a height.

According to the police report, attempted suicide has not been ruled out.

As reported in Axarquia Plus this morning, it is understood that the two men knew each other closely, making the case even more suspicious.

The man rescued yesterday was a friend of the father of the young man that fell on June 12.

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