A TOTAL of €1 million has been allocated to gift COVID-19 essential workers with holidays in Mallorca.

Launched by the Consell de Mallorca, the ‘Enjoy the island’ campaign serves to thank all those who made an invaluable contribution to the community during Spain’s coronavirus crisis.

Taking place throughout the summer, more than 15,000 workers are expected to benefit from this extraordinary solidarity initiative.

From healthcare professionals, police officers, firefighters, pharmacists, bus drivers, supermarket staff, to journalists, each worker will be granted a three-night stay in one of 18 chosen hotels alongside their family.

The campaign will also include vulnerable members of society including those who take care of foster children or have a family member with a disability.

“As a thank you for their efforts during the state of alarm, they will be able to take a much needed rest on the island,” said Consell de Mallorca President Catalina Cladera.

According to Cladera, the initiative will also help to revive the economy by promoting local tourism as will ensure that 18 hotels are in operation.

She added: “Our intention is to promote the tourism sector and generate economic activity in hotels, restaurants and complementary offerings through local tourism.”

Son espases
HEROES: Dedicated medical staff at Son Espases hospital

Successful applicants will be granted a subsidiary of €300 to cover the cost of the short getaway.

All of the selected hotels have a minimum of three stars and will offer rooms for up to two adults and two children under the age of 15.

They will also provide breakfast and dinner free of charge, be up to date with all ICTE health and safety protocols and accept the Consell’s set rate of €300 for the three-night stay.

Those interested in participating in the campaign must submit their application online HERE.

Policia local palma
UNSUNG HEROES: A Policia Local officer taking vital supplies to Son Espases hospital

This is not the first time solidarity campaigns have been launched to show gratitude to key workers on the island.

In May, the Confederation of Business Associations (CAEB) encouraged bars, cafes and restaurants to invite these professionals to a free drink or discounted meal.

President Alfonso Robledo had stressed the importance of honouring those who have kept the ‘Balearic community healthy, safe and informed throughout confinement.’

The prestigious RIB Club also gifted 60 key workers a day out on one of their luxury boats.

Teaming up with Radio One Mallorca and Deep Blue Sea Training, the initiative hoped to boost morale and provide essential workers with something to look forward to.

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