A VALENCIAN diner has won €2,000 in compensation after breaking a tooth on a ‘stuffed olive’ that still had the pip inside.

The woman took manufacturer Aceitunas y Encurtidos Molero to court after biting into the unlucky finger food while out with her family.

The resulting court case saw a judge award her €1,550 for the dental work plus an extra €400 in compensation.

The women and her family reportedly ordered a starter at the restaurant in Valencia city, which arrived with some peanuts and stuffed olives.

One of the olives still had a stone in it, and the diner split a tooth when she bit into it.

She suffered immediate pain, which got worse the next day and she went to a dentist who had to extract the tooth due to the extent of the damage.

Investigations showed that the restaurant had not tampered with the stuffed olives, and that they came from their usual supplier, Aceitunas y Encurtidos Molero.

Rather than making the incident a legal matter, the diner went to arbitration with the manufacturer and their insurance company, but they both refused to admit responsibility.

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