DOLORES town hall has united against a neighbouring authority’s proposal to build a new sewage works right next to houses and a school.

Dolores mayor José Joaquín Hernández slammed Almoradi council over the project that he claims has the ‘clear intention’ of harming Dolores residents.

The unseemly spat has had the rare effect of uniting all political parties in Dolores to attack the plans for the plant next to the AP-7 motorway.

Dolores’ PSOE mayor Joaquín Hernández, along with the PP’s Ramón Simón and Gustavo Ruiz from Ciudadanos, held up a selection of photos of the proposed site, which was flooded last September.

The 55,000 square metre area of Almoradi land is right next to the border with the Dolores urban area, including the Virgen de los Dolores school.

Opponents of the plan say that Dolores could also suffer severe flooding if last autumn’s weather is repeated. This could cause a future disaster if the new facility is constructed on the favoured site.

Mayor Joaquín Hernández said: “Our council technicians have produced a report of what might happen if the sewage plant is built in that flood-prone area. The project is totally unfeasible.”

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