A PROPOSITION to discuss raising the busy N-332 coastal road in the southern Costa Blanca has been approved by Spain’s agriculture, livestock and fisheries commission.

Pressure group, Water Resources, are demanding the CHS and Spanish government raise the road to safeguard people, property, livestock and crops in the Vega Baja basin.

Manuel Pineda

Additionally, they see the immediate dredging of the Segura mouth as of paramount importance.

Their spokesman, Manuel Pineda, presented the NLP (Proposition No Law) insisting it will, ‘guarantee rapid and effective drainage in the event of floods and avoid the barrier effect of the highway’.

He explained: “In September, we suffered the worst storm in 140 years, the effects were devastating.”

Maintenance by the Segura Hydrographic Confederation (CHS) was also highlighted, to avoid future consequences.

“The maintenance consists of dredging actions, so that the river itself is not a plug to the drainage of the Vega Baja,” Pienda continued.

He claims that: “Since the 1987 floods, raising the N-332 has been repeatedly demanded to allow the passage of water underneath.”

“We cannot forget that one of the great problems of the DANA last September was the difficulty of draining the water accumulated in part of the Segura channel, as well as the difficulties posed by the barrier that constituted the N-332 to the drainage of water.

“This area is the vegetable garden of Europe and is essential for the Valencian Community, so we must take decisive measures to prevent so much damage to the region from happening again.”

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