FACEMASKS will become obligatory at Gibraltar Airport as part of new COVID-19 measures announced today.

Hand sanitisers, protective screens, distancing requirements, extra cleaning of public areas and trolleys and face shields for staff are all being used at the moment.

The new measures being introduced are expected to come in line with other airports around the world.

Everyone who enters the airport will have to be wearing a face mask.

Those who are ‘vulnerable’ and elderly will have their own searching area separate from the main queues.

People who are meeting and greeting arriving travellers will also now have a smaller area for that.

The recommendation is for family members and friends to welcome passengers outside the terminal.

460 3 2020
PROTECTED: Screens will help keep COVID-19 at bay during check-in

Retaining confidence

“As the aviation industry starts to return to some form of normality, its different elements are beginning to indicate what the future of air travel will look like,” said the Gibraltar Government.

“Gibraltar Airport will be issuing a ‘Guidance for Travellers’ information sheet to assist passengers in planning their journeys and know what to expect when catching a flight.”

The measures are based on guidance from Public Health England, which advice Gibraltar’s own public health department.

“Gibraltar Airport will continue working to ensure the safety of passengers and our staff,” added the government.

“We will always follow any guidelines, recommendations and directives, to keep flying from Gibraltar as positive an experience as possible.

“This will ensure that we maintain the confidence of our passengers and partner airlines who will assist in the opening up Gibraltar and its economy.”

Easyjet flights from Manchester and London Gatwick are starting on July 20 and 25 respectively, the company confirmed.

Minister for Tourism Vijay Daryanani said: “We are very pleased to welcome the airline back to the Rock, along with all its customers.

“We look forward to further flying resuming throughout the summer.”

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