By Andy McInnes

SIX brazen drug runners unloaded sacks of Marihuana in front of stunned British sunbathers on a Costa Del Sol beach.

The boat and the men who carried the cannabis resin ashore had disappeared by the time police arrived and no arrests were made.

The broad daylight drugs drop happened in a residential area called Benamara between Marbella and Estepona.

manilva drugs
HASH: Bales of drugs were found (file photo)

The beach is close to a four-star hotel popular with Brits called the Hotel Sol Marbella Estepona-Atalaya Park. 

A woman was overheard saying, ‘Drug delivery daytime, what the heck’ as she witnessed the incredible scene.

A van is believed to have been waiting in a residential street at the back of the beach to speed off with the haul before police arrived.

In June expats told how their local beach had become a site for drugs landings, with traffickers attempting to intimidate them into silence.

Last September, a gang of men were filmed transporting cannabis resin from a speedboat to a parked 4×4 on a beach in the same municipality of Estepona.

They threatened to kill witnesses if they alerted police and took less than three minutes to make the transfer and their getaway.

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