Spain is safe, why do I need a monitored Alarm System?

Property Locks can now be opened leaving no trace with kits costing just euros

Many expats have a romantic notion that their home is Spain is safe. The reality is even in a relatively low crime country like Spain, locks can now be opened leaving no trace with kits available online that cost only a few euros.  There are many videos in spanish on youtube showing how easily quality locks are opened, in literally less than 30 seconds with generic Master Keys, using bumping, and other techniques leaving absolutely no trace. They then have a key for your property. If there is no evidence of a forced break in, there is no insurance cover. These multi master key sets are easily available on the internet for less than 100€!! This information is being shared online amongst intruders.

Best Security System Spain

Squatters are protected by law and are a real and growing problem in Spain.

There are now online guides on squatting in vacant or semi vacant properties. Squatters (OKUPAS) will try to claim your property as their new abode. They may phone the police themselves to self report that they have been “squatting” in your property more than 48 hours. Why? After these 48 hours (two days), the police need a court order to be able to evict them. Then it usually a civil matter for the owner to pursue.

New legislation in 2018 has not helped. Property owners, owners of holiday homes or homes up for sale, face an uphill battle through very slow Spanish courts to recover their property from squatters. This extremely expensive battle can run into years.

Low security attracts criminals. Summer and Christmas months are peak months for break ins.

Why is the Securitas Direct SENTINEL system probably the best monitored home / business alarm system in Spain?

Securitas Direct are by far the largest monitored alarm company in Spain. Hundreds of staff working 24/7 plus separate back up centre guarantee a response within 30 seconds to any emergency from your system. They verify the emergency and immediately send the police/fire/ambulance, or your own Security Guard (there are two in each district to aid when required).

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Their alarm centre guarantee English speaking operators.

The latest SENTINEL alarm system is simple to use, with multiple SOS buttons and a talk/listen panel to speak directly with the alarm operator even without a phone.

-In the event of the alarm being triggered, wireless movement sensors equipped with HD cameras instantly relay the images to the alarm handling centre, leaving no time for would be intruders or squatters to operate or invent stories!

– property owners can see and hear what is going on from their mobile phone, from anywhere in the world! Perfect for property and business owners.

– NO phone line is needed. The wireless system has it’s own mobile sim card for uninterrupted communication. There are no wires to cut, no extra cost of a phone line.

-The best alarm company in Spain gives YOU unparalleled control over every aspect of your security in Spain.  Imagine being able to turn your system on or off from your mobile, from anywhere in the world, see when guests or domestic staff enter and leave through smart keys.

For your safe keeping and comfort, Sentinel also monitors Moisture, Air Quality, or sudden increases in temperature and advises your smart phone.

Best Home Alarm System Spain

The security system comes with it’s own emergency battery supply and will inform your smart phone if the power to YOUR property is ever cut.

The Sentinel system cannot be jammed, since it also uses a secondary national communication network, built by Securitas Direct in Spain.  This secondary multi million euro system triggers if someone attempts to jam the alarm locally. No other alarm company in Spain has this!

New Mobile SOS service included. The Guardian

There is now an an incredible new mobile SOS service included FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME in OUR new home and business alarm systems in Spain, to enhance your personal security. It works through your SMARTPHONE, and it is called GUARDIAN. Imagine if you are out, perhaps on your bike and have an accident. You have no idea of where you are, and you need urgent help.  An SOS button on your GUARDIAN mobile app will have English speaking operators immediately on the phone to assist, they can send whatever help through phone triangulation,  to your EXACT location!

Sos Connected To Your Mobile

Interested? Ananta Security have installed thousands of Securitas Direct systems in Costa Blanca, and throughout Spain. Wherever your property, Ananta Security can provide an individual quote, they also frequently have unique special offers not available elsewhere.

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